Political Speeches via Vidmate


Political Speeches via Vidmate

In India and even across the world, political elections are a big time affair and filled with its own dramas and speeches and heated debates. The leaders are desperate and vying for the attention of one and all. It is very competitive and the parties and their candidates go all out to capture the hearts and minds of the voters. There is no stone left unturned to create the best of the impression in the mind of the voters and curry their favour. The limelight that is enjoyed by the voter is really special during the election times. They are literally coveted and chased from all angles. It is another thing that politicians across the world forget the poor voters after the elections and go back in trying to protect their seats and positions in the parliament of assembly of their respective countries (on a lighter note).

Get the best and the even the worst of the election debates around the globe on the Vidmate app. Go for the elections and campaigns of the last thirty years and capture some of the best moments through internet and modern app technology.

To come back to the main topic of political speeches, these are really interesting to watch for avid followers of elections. With the coming of internet and the social media later on, these speeches have acquired importance of immense proportions. The twitter has become the most important platform for leaders and heads of state of many countries to proclaim their new decisions and policies. So is the Facebook. Many of the political campaign speeches of previous elections can be seen on the YouTube. Sometimes it will be the clippings or sometimes the entire speech and campaign details.

Every campaign has its own variety and spice and every style varies. There is nothing better than Vidmate app to get all these details by downloading them from the various sites.

Perhaps nothing explains the excitement of political speeches more than the American presidential campaign and their televised open public debates. The entire world follows it with eager interest and excitement, even in very far off countries. In fact, some of the presidential campaigns are followed right from the primaries i.e. when the Democratic and Republicans elect their presidential nominee through internal voting and debates. The 2016 American presidential campaigns created a record of sorts through its TV viewership in USA as well as the rest of the world. It was also perhaps the most keenly contested and bitterly fought campaign and that is further the reason for its high level for viewership. Virtually every US citizen was either glued to the TV or to twitter in the final one month of the countdown to the elections. Many of the campaign speeches are available on YouTube or to a lesser extent on sites like Facebook, Twitter, CNBC. NBC, CNN etc.

Catch the greatest actions of the various US presidential elections, the campaigns, the debates and the all that action through the Vidmate app downloader. Get it stored on the mobile phone and watch it when free. In fact, the previous campaign can be compared to the upcoming one and the change in tactics etc. These are all matters of interest to psephology specialist.

Now in the election scenarios in India, these have its own quotient of action, high debate and drama and many intensely fought campaigns and its own moments of high drama and excitement. The big difference in the endian elections unlike the American one is that it is much larger through its spread over a massive fray of candidates. Each state has its own way of campaigning and projecting their own candidates even though party may be common. This is because every state has it different demands and outlook and way of life and so also the economic necessities. This is what makes the entire election scenario so interesting, complicated and even colourful to some extent. In fact, in no part of the world is an election campaign so keenly and variedly fought as in India and this is mainly because of its regional and ethnic diversity. This diversity is the richness of Indian democracy and this is what strengthens it.

So, while the election campaign in a state like Rajasthan may be very keenly contested on the debates on the Rani Padmavati movie and its resonance across the different parts of the state, the same may have no effect in a state like Kerala. This is because the movie has hardly anything to do with that state. The campaign here may be more on the spirits and alcohol ban imposed by the state government on many bars and pubs. Since the state has a good consumption of the same it may be a matter of heated debate. This may be something that does not bother even the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and here the issue may be something totally different. In the northern state of Punjab, the people are looking for immigration opportunities and want the government to provide support on the same. This becomes an election debate here.

Capture every state and its election debates and download them through the Vidmate app to the Android Mobile Phone. See the style and the way of campaigning and those interested in the subject can write blogs and journals about that. The one great things about internet and social media is that information spreads quickly and although topics may be different, the strategy might have many common factors about them and they can be used by the different parties.

Use the Vidmate app to capture the best of the political campaign speeches of all the Indian general elections - from 1950 to 2019 and store it in the mobile phone.

Some of the features of Vidmate -

Vidmate is an app which enables to download videos from different video internet sites Like YouTube Facebook, Vimeo, Hotstar, Daily Motion, Zee TV. etc.

It is an Android specific app and is not compatible on other mobile platforms.

It is not just Video but audios can also be downloaded.

There are various resolution options for the different videos.

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